Stay Away from Super Glue!

Stay Away from Super Glue!

Posted on: May 04, 2018 by Michael Battell

Super Glue Denture Repairs

Our last blog post was about what you can do when your denture is cracked.  We got a lot of responses about repairing broken or damaged dentures with super or crazy glue.  A lot of them were funny!  But it's no laughing matter.  We need to stay away from super glue to repair dentures!

Super glue or cyanoacrylate (CA) should not be used on dentures because it is not suitable for the mouth and may have adverse health effects. It may seem easy to glue a broken denture to repair it but a repair needs to be done correctly to prevent problems with chewing, sore spots and to minimize further denture breakage and trauma to the mouth. Most super glues have a warning on the label about the possible irritation of eyes, skin and the dangers of the fumes. The fumes from “super glue” or cyanoacrylate (CA) can irritate sensitive membranes in the eyes, nose, and throat. [1] About 5%of the population can become sensitized to these fumes after repeated exposure, resulting in flu-like symptoms. [2] CA may also be a skin irritant, causing an allergic skin reaction. On rare occasions, inhalation may trigger asthma. [3]There is no singular measurement of toxicity for all cyanoacrylate adhesives or super glues because of the large number of adhesives that contain various cyanoacrylate formulations. [3]

Seeing your denturist to properly repair a denture is highly recommended as the materials used for the denture repairs are acceptable to be used in the mouth and are intended to bond together effectively with other denture materials. A denturist can often make simple repairs the same day. Leave denture repairs to the experts who make dentures to ensure a successful outcome.


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