National Seniors Day

National Seniors Day

Posted on: October 01, 2015 by Neal Miller

Today is International Older Persons Day or National Seniors Day here in Canada. We have a special relationship with our older community here in Hamilton. Older people, or seniors, are an important and valuable part of our community, our past, and our future.

Seniors are the people who we interact with every day and who make our smiles come to life. Life is challenging sometimes, but nothing makes the day better than listening and learning from those who have more experience with it. Growing older is a wonderful journey that we get to witness and be a part of. We all get older everyday and we can learn so much from listening to stories of days gone by and from the advice of our older friends.

Seniors can be misunderstood and or discriminated against for their age. They can be talked down to and subjected to condescending attitudes. Take the time to listen, learn, ask questions and practice empathy with those in your senior community, even if you are a senior yourself. Seniors have walked the path ahead of us and often know what direction to take. Honour and respect our elders and hope to someday have their wisdom.

Today we celebrate the older generation and offer our gratitude for their service to our community. We thank them for trusting us with their smiles and making us smile every day as we get older.

For more information about Senior care and services please visit the following resources:

Government of Canada Information for Seniors

Government of Ontario Information for Seniors

City of Hamilton Support Programs

Elder Abuse Ontario

Linkedin Youtube
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