Insurance Eligibility

Insurance Eligibility

Posted on: May 22, 2017 by Michael Battell

It is important to maintain your dentures to ensure fit, chewing function, appearance and avoid breakage.

If you have dental insurance that includes denture care, most policies allow:

**Permanent Relines every 2 years

**New Dentures every 5 years

Over time your oral tissues change and shrink which can be due to aging, weight loss, and illness, loss of teeth or bone.

Relines will refit your dentures to your mouth to address looseness as a result of these oral changes.

Dentures, like most things, wear out and may need to be replaced to improve fit, the ability to chew, and appearance.

Call Battell Denture Clinic today to arrange a Free Consultation to see what treatment plan best suits your needs and if you are eligible for coverage through your insurance plan.

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