Dentures on Implants Course

Dentures on Implants Course

Posted on: October 13, 2015 by Michael Battell

Thank you to Solaris Dental Solutions and Nobel Biocare for the full day course on rehabilitating patients who no longer have natural teeth with different implant systems.

The course was terrific! It built on my knowledge of implants and the treatment options available. It also furthered my understanding of how quality of life can be improved with dentures on implants. I am excited to share this information with patients when they visit the office.

Restorative care with implants is truly a collaboration with the implant placing dentist and denturist. The demand for more improved ways to treat patients without any natural teeth continues to increase and dental implants are well-documented to improve patients’: speech, appearance, function, and self-esteem.

Patients without any natural teeth remaining are at a higher risk of poor nutrition, heart conditions, bone loss, and a number of other disorders if left untreated.

With use of implants, the improvement to patients’ social life, self-image, comfort, and reduced bone loss in the mouth, make them an excellent treatment option. Comments I hear time and time again from patients whose dentures I have restored on implants is: "This has changed my life!"

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