Dental Implants to Solve Loose Dentures

Dental Implants to Solve Loose Dentures

Posted on: March 24, 2019 by Michael Battell

Many solutions are available to aid in the fit of dentures. Relining refits the surface of a denture but sometimes that is just not enough to keep a denture secure. One excellent choice to keep your denture in place is dental implants. An implant acts like an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone to secure dentures, bridges, and crowns. They help prevent bone loss in the area they are placed by stimulating the bone. Chewing power with dentures increases by approximately 30% with just two implants (the minimum requirement to retain a lower denture). Dental implants increase comfort, speech and confidence, and denture stability enabling you to chew more effectively which can result in improved digestion and overall health. A common misconception is that having a dental implant placed is a painful process, but in fact, it is not. While implant placement is a form of dental surgery, the placement causes very little discomfort. A local anesthetic is used to “freeze” that area of your mouth so you should not feel pain during the procedure. As the numbing effect wears off, you may feel a dull ache, swelling and some tenderness where the implant has been placed, but most find any discomfort, mild and very tolerable. The cost of dental implants is becoming more and more affordable. The costs vary depending on how many implants are being placed and whether new dentures are required. We offer financing solutions so that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, secure dentures, or improved chewing power, because of money. At Battell Denture Clinic, patients are consulted with their specific lifestyle, denture and implant needs in mind. Our free consultation gives you the insight you need to make an informed decision on the best option for you.

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