Adding Comfort to Your Dentures with Soft Liners

Adding Comfort to Your Dentures with Soft Liners

Posted on: February 11, 2020


Many denture wearers are quite comfortable with the hard denture base of a typical denture but some denture wearers have discomfort and the inability to eat even soft foods.

Persistent denture discomfort can often be attributed to problems with the distribution of bite forces applied to the areas where natural teeth used to exist called the residual ridge. This residual ridge is the bone and soft tissue where the denture rests. Residual ridge shrinking (resorption) and irregularities can affect bite forces, placing stress on unsupportive bony areas and irritating the soft tissue.

Denture soft liners are bonded to the denture base and they cushion these biting forces, act as a shock absorber to reduce the stresses placed on the residual ridge, protect delicate gum tissue, and increase overall comfort. The fit of a denture can also be improved because soft liners may be able to engage bony areas of the mouth where a hard denture base might irritate the tissues. With improved fit and comfort, a denture wearer is able to chew more easily. This can have a positive impact on overall health by allowing more varied and harder foods with improved nutrition to be eaten, rather than managing a limited diet caused by difficulty chewing and discomfort.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

· Flat or greatly reduced jawbone where your denture sits causing your denture to fit loose

· Uneven, sharp, or jagged jawbone

· Chronic sore spots on the soft tissue or gum inflammation that will not heal

· Difficulty chewing with your dentures

If you do, a denture soft liner may be the right choice for you and your dentures. Ask us about denture soft liners and if they are right for you!

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