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Let me introduce myself, I'm Michael Battell, proud to be a denturist in the great city of Hamilton and to be continuing with a tradition my denturist father Ken Battell, started back in 1975.

Our family practice has been located at 409 Concession Street (on the north side between East 16th and East 17th) for nearly 40 years. In fact I spent the first few years of my life being brought up in the house behind the practice. I can remember many days in my youth watching as my father set teeth up for someone’s dentures and listened as he counselled a new denture wearer on what they could expect. In those days, I didn’t fully understand how much a difference he made in the lives of others, but I knew I wanted to be like him. I guess you could say I was born to be a denturist.

My father, Ken Battell owned and operated this denture clinic from May 1975 until 2013 when I took over ownership and daily operations of the practice. Dad is retired now and no longer a practicing Denturist.  It always makes me smile when patients ask about him and let me know how happy they have been with the care they received by him, and now me. We both pride ourselves in the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere we have created and how we have kept patient care as a top priority over the many years.

As an experienced professional, I bring a great degree of skill and training to my work to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your dentures. I am meticulous and take pride in fabricating a denture that will provide the best outcome for each individual. Trish, our office manager, of over 18 years will make you feel at home the minute you speak with her. She is kind, thoughtful, and will help take care of you. 

There are so many things to consider when replacing old dentures or beginning your journey as a denture wearer. It’s more than just filling areas where teeth are missing, replacing natural teeth with denture teeth, and restoring a smile; it’s being involved in the process, making informed choices about your treatment options, and feeling like your needs are being heard and can be addressed. That’s why at Battell Denture Clinic, I give you treatment alternatives so you can be involved in the process and decide what option best suits your needs.

Whether it is the latest implant technology for dentures, partial dentures, full dentures, or immediate dentures, we can help you make the right choice for you. We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATIONS to give you options for your care. There is NO REFERRAL required to book an appointment. We try and make it as easy as possible to get an appointment time that is convenient for you, and we offer housecall appointments if you are unable to attend the office. It’s our goal to make new and current patients feel welcome and part of our family.

We make our dentures ourselves in Battell Denture Clinic’s on-site laboratory. This allows us to offer affordable denture solutions and to allow us to pay close attention to every detail while making and fitting your premium quality dentures. We are particular in how we make our dentures, in a way that you can appreciate, like you are being taken care of by family.

If you’ve broken your dentures, relax, we’re here to help. We’ll repair what needs fixing as soon as possible so you won’t be without your smile for too long. In fact most repairs and relines can conveniently be done in the same day. If fit and comfort are your greatest concern, we can give you options that can help. There are alternatives such as soft liners and dental implants that could be considered to solve your denture woes.

If it’s time for new dentures or time to start wearing dentures, Battell Denture Clinic offers a variety of products for your denture needs: including full upper and lower (precision and premium) dentures, implant secured dentures, permanent teeth-in-a-day and removable partial dentures. If you play sports or need protection for your teeth we make custom mouth guards. Need your smile brighter? We can make you teeth whitening kits. Is snoring waking you or someone you care about up at night? Consider us for making you an anti-snoring appliance that will help with a restful sleep.

At Battell Denture Clinic, we have a vast amount of skill and expertise in making dentures. We still know however, that we are in an evolving world, where technology can change as if in a blink of the eye. We continually attend courses to learn about the ongoing advancements in health and denture fabrication and then bring this knowledge directly to you, our patients, so you can receive the benefits of the most up to date procedures.

Your oral health reflects on your overall health, and your health and well-being is something we deeply care about. We strongly encourage you to participate in the annual recall appointments we offer to all of our patients so that you can have your dentures and oral environment assessed. This appointment can help determine any denture related problems and can help you avoid possible oral health concerns that may link to other overall health issues.

One of the most rewarding things about this profession is seeing the smiles you create and having patients return from year to year at their annual recall appointment, or just to drop by and say ‘hi’ to share their smile again. It’s a touching compliment to hear how happy they are and how they want to share their positive experiences by referring friends and family. Whether a new patient or one who has been coming to see us for years, we welcome you the same way; with a big smile meant to inspire one of your own. After all, Battell Denture Clinic is “Where Smiles Come to Life.”

Warmest Regards,


Michael Battell, Hon. BA, DD

Awards and Community Involvement

Our recognition and awards are an extension of our pride and hard work, and a testament to our commitment in providing the best services and products to the community. We simply have the best patients, and our awards are a direct reflection of their support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in us!




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